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About Marqueterie SG

Discover who is hidden behind the straw marquetry and wood marquetry creations made by Marqueterie SG.

Serge Goryl, marquetry maker in France

Located in Molsheim, Marqueterie SG is a company born from Serge Goryl’s passion for this complex art. As a trained carpenter, Serge Goryl completed several workshops in carpentry and gave himself the means to exploit his talent for marquetry near Strasbourg. Today, with 25 years of experience, the marquetry artist began by reading a lot of books to learn about the different techniques, then by training daily to reach his current level of expertise. Passionate about this art, he never stops training and linking traditional methods and new technologies to offer 3D plans of his creations.

Marqueterie SG

Count on Serge Goryl for your creations

Specialised in modern wood and straw marquetry

Serge Goryl distinguishes himself in the art of straw marquetry in France: he is the only one to carry out this art in Alsace. Each piece is entirely handmade for a result of unequalled precision and quality. Always with a view to exploring new methods of wood and straw marquetry, he has discovered modern straw marquetry. This allows him to continue to develop his creativity through a contemporary approach.

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Renovation of antique furniture in Alsace

The Marqueterie SG also offers the restoration of antique pieces. Serge Goryl’s know-how and experience allow him to restore furniture and objects in Boulle marquetry made of red tortoiseshell and cut brass, furniture from the Napoleon III period. Each restoration of furniture is made in the respect of the methods used at the time in order to find the original charm.

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Custom furniture creations

Designer in wood and straw marquetry, Marqueterie SG also creates custom-made furniture in Molsheim. 3D graphic designer and art cabinetmaker, Serge Goryl creates custom-made furniture for his clients. Each project is developed from a sharing of ideas between the artist and the client for a unique result. It is thanks to a creative spirit and numerous inspirations that the artist is able to propose original creations to each client according to their expectations.

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A passion that is passed on

Passionate about this art, Serge Goryl is keen to keep it alive and to pass it on to the next generation. Therefore he regularly gives talks in high schools in order to share his passion with young people and to ensure the continuity of the art of straw and wood marquetry. This art, which is very much appreciated in the world of luxury, offers multiple possibilities, and allows everyone to apply it in their own way by exploiting the textures and colours of rye straw in different ways.