Marqueterie SG new website

Published on: 06/01/2023
Marqueterie SG is pleased to present its new website. Produced in partnership with Agence Web Evidence, this one allows to expose the realizations of the marquetry Serge Goryl and to present you its various fields of expertise.

Wood marquetry near Strasbourg

For its creations of artistic wood marquetry, the Marqueterie SG follows a specific process of creation allowing to obtain a unique and high-quality result. Thanks to 25 years of experience in carpentry and marquetry, Serge Goryl can provide you with advice and explanations on what can be done according to your wishes.

Learn more about the concept of wood marquetry by Serge Goryl.

Straw marquetry near Strasbourg

The Marqueterie SG creates artistic straw marquetry from rye straw. The different colours of this straw allow the artist to be creative and to design unique and original pieces. Due to its complexity and rendering, art straw marquetry is particularly popular in the luxury world and is often featured in hotels, yachts, villas, etc.

Learn more about our sheet-by-sheet straw marquetry creations.

Renovation of antique furniture in the French department of Bas-Rhin (67)

Do you own a piece of furniture from the Napoleon III period or a piece of furniture in Boulle marquetry? La Marqueterie SG puts its skills and know-how at your disposal to restore your furniture to its original charm. Each renovation is made in the respect of the traditional methods for an original result and a restoration of a surgical precision.

Rely on Serge Goryl for your furniture renovations.

Choose Marqueterie SG for unique creations

Located in Molsheim, near Strasbourg, Marqueterie SG uses its expertise and exceptional know-how in straw and wood marquetry to offer you creations that meet your expectations. Much more than a skill, the marquetry artist is passionate about this art and never stops renewing himself thanks to a spirit brimming with creativity.

Would you like to get a perfectly made-to-measure piece of work? Contact a marquetry artist near Strasbourg (67) by phone at 06 66 96 31 42 or by e-mail.

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