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Marqueterie SG
Straw marquetry

Straw marquetry: a rare artistic craft

Rye straw marquetry is an art craft that is still little known to the public. The Marqueterie SG is the only factory in Alsace to offer such creations. This art is only made by hand thanks to a folding machine to crush and shine the straw, a scalper to cut it, a brush and glue.

Serge Goryl produces modern, unique, and original marquetry works and follows a precise process for this. The artist receives the straw in bundles with different colours, the straw is then flattened to make it as smooth as possible. Before starting, Serge Goryl makes several piles of straw and makes a preliminary drawing on a panel before gluing the straw on. Each cut is made with a scalpel and the surplus is removed as it is cut for a very precise result. Since straw is as thick as a sheet of paper, it is essential to take care of every detail, as the slightest defect is visible. The shine of the straw creates a particularly aesthetic effect as the effect and colours can change depending on the viewpoint.

Have a look at the straw marquetry work in France.

Marqueterie SG
Straw marquetry in France