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Marqueterie SG
Wood marquetry

Artistic wood marquetry creations

Artistic wood marquetry consists of creating a drawing on paper which will be enlarged to obtain the final size (that of the piece of furniture or the painting). This template is transferred to the veneer species and positioned in such a way as to obtain the colour offering the best aesthetic result. After that, each cut is made with a scalpel for surgical precision.

The assembly and gluing of the pieces are done with gummed paper to guarantee a good hold. Once the piece is finished, it is pressed to flatten it and glue it to the final panel. After the drawing, design and gluing stages, there is the sanding stage, which requires a certain amount of precision, because if sanding is too much, it risks altering the work done. Finally, a varnished finish is added to complete the work. This art requires real skills in cabinet making, which Serge Goryl has mastered perfectly.

Do not wait any longer to discover his achievements in wood marquetry in France.

Marqueterie SG
Wood marquetry in France